So you want to build a Corpse ?     well here you go! have fun
             thanks to Mr. Distefano for making this all happen.I have seen many      different ways to to this so here they are, all together in one.....
although its not as good as his, its a start. he has a manual for $19.95 +ship. I have it and it has allot of stuff about the whole body that I wont show so go get your copy NOW!!!!

 Well to start off you will need a few things!  You will need to get some kind of skull I get min from   they have allot of cool stuff if you haven't  been there you must go!

                                    one bag of cotton balls
                                    4 ' of 11/4 pvc pipe
                                    one four way to fit 11/4 pipe
                                    latex I just got a gal but only used about a 1/4 of it.
                                    supper glue
                                    baby powder
                                    one butter knife.
                                     6 or 7 rolls of gauze
                                    what ever kind of paint you want to paint it
                                    some plaster to make some simple molds
                                     and a whole lot of free time

    First off you might want to have ears you can make them or soon buy them from us real cheap! if you don't want to make them your self. But you don't even have to have them if you don't want to. if you want to know more about the ears we will have another page on that!. Take some latex and spread it out on a sheet of Plexiglas glass, spread it out as thin as you can. this will be for the jaw and around the upper cheek bone.


once you have them done let them dry. Take the baby powder and coat the upper side then the under side as you pull them away or the will stick together and you don't want that.. once that is all done wipe it clean. no you can start to add it to your skull. first mark it out and cut it to shape the start to supper glue it to the skull a little at a time . make sure you pull it tight as you go along. but not to tight!  After one side is done  cut the extra off don't worry about the ends it will be covered it the end!

once that is done do the other site and let dry. what you are doing is trying to fill up the holes in the face and under the chin. Once that is all done you can start to applying the cotton and latex. you have to un roll the balls to make them flat. you can buy the cotton rolls but I just got a few bags of ball for a buck. First put some latex on the skull is a small spot that you will be working on, this will hold the cotton in place as you work on it. once you have it in place add more latex over the cotton to seal it when it dries. work your way around the jaw and face. But remember to let it dry don't put to much on or it will fall off before it dries.  Thin coats at first then you can add  more as you go along.

Work around the nose and mouth. don't worry about the eyes yet. as you can see I already had the teeth done. You should spray the inside of the mouth black and eye holes. if you want to work on the teeth before you put the latex on that's all right  because the latex will peel off the teeth when you are done, and this will stop the paint over spray when you paint the head. Let it dry and then start to work on the nose and around the mouth. if you want a nose you can make one or you will have to build it up a little at a time.
  Let it all dry. once it is dry don't worry about the head yet, you will do that latter. now take a 12 inch or so piece of 11/4 pvc pipe and hot glue it to the skull base where the neck would be. then you will have to make a paper mashie mix with newspaper & white glue or with a powder paper mashie mix. Let it dry all the way before you coat it with latex or you will trap the water in side. Once dry coat with latex and add ears if any! I jumped around with the pictures a bit because it was my first one! once that is all dry you can start to work on the face and eyes.
     start with the eyes first brush latex into the eye holes to hold the cotton in place well you work on it. take a cotton ball and pull it apart a bit , then put it into the eye hole and smear with latex.. before it dries pull it around a bit to make it stringy this will look like flesh.

you can now also work around the lips and mouth, but this is up to you on how you want it to look. the new one I'm working on now has no lips because I made a latex tong  and I want to have a ripped off flesh look. Now to work on the neck this was the only hard part in the book! you have to cut long strips of gaze into some what of a shape of a long triangle. then you have to coat it with latex and let dry, once you have four or five of these you can start to work on the neck. you have to latex each peace around the neck area, you have to fan them out but each peace must over lap each other. Latex over the seams to hold it altogether.
  some people use a pair of nylons and cut the leg off the leg and toe part and pull it down to the neck and make a oval wire frame at the base to hold it out as they apply the latex. ( )   Go to this link to see....
     Now that you have that all done and dry you need to go back and apply the cotton and latex over the neck to give it texture around the adams apple and so on. and  at last your done building now you have to paint it what ever color you want it.  I used a airbrush for the base coat. I started with black in the eye and around the jaw and neck. then I went to a burnt umber and lighten it up as I went along, then I dry brushed it with a lighter shade of the base color. but the painting color is up to you! and here you go your done. Once you do your first one you will see all kinds of ways to do it, adding eye balls and hair!

            here are a few pictures to show you how it looks and some pictures of the new one I'm working on!

           We are working on a vhs tape on how to build this coming soon!
                      some time in july it will sale for $15.00 +$5.00 SH