"the Death Chair"
             Welcome to my death chair . We will be selling one just like it very soon , with or without a body. It will have leather and metal straps & lots of other cool stuff!

                   First get about 6 2x4's and a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood.  A bag of 3/4 inch wooden balls (that you will be cutting in half later), and one skull.  Start by building the chair the way you want ,, It help's to draw it out on paper first. Then get the height that you want , Ok let's start building!!!!

                        This is the death chair when it is fully assembled.
Let it dry and move on . You can detail it any way you want to it's up to you, use your imagination. now its time for the skull!!
           The skull we got from a halloween store last year,it was only a few buck's but you can get all kinds of skulls from the Anatomical Chart Company  They have all kind's of stuff and cheap too,
Look them up!!!   As you can see the skull was used before. It did not look like this  before I air brushed it . Make a shape like we did and screw it on to the chair.  Now cut the skull in half, don't cut the jaw off, I cut it with a band saw, a hacksaw will work too.

           Now cut the 3/4 inch wooden ball's in half "Note be careful not to cut your finger's off we wouldn't want that now would we" I cut them using a home made "Jig" on the scroll saw. After you have cut them use wood glue and glue them where ever you want.

           At this point put the skull on with some screw's. Now take a 1x2 and cut a few strips for molding under the front of the seat.
        Now start to apply the monster mud this is the fun part!
    Before it dries you can put a texture on it by using a stiff  brush or a sea sponge. This will bring it to life.After it dries you can paint it the way you want to.
          I based it out in a dark gray and added different shades of lighter gray. Then I air brushed some black cracks . To finish it off use a light  gray almost white. I even air brushed some streaks on it.