Twisted visions

          Here we will show you how to build tomb stones. We have made allot of different ones but this is a nice one to make and still looks good in a yard and or haunt.

    First off start by getting a sheet of 2 inch thick pink hard foam from a building supply store,like lowes or home depo . Make up a small batch of monster mud. Get some black paint and white paint, you can mix your own shades of gray.  some people use a light gray texture paint in place of the monster mud, its ok, but I like the monster mud my self.

  The foam board is easy to cut, you can cut it with a steak knife or with a band saw.We will be adding new pictures as we get them !  To make a templet you can use a poster board or 1/4 inch plywood, its up to you. Once you cut out the shape that you want its time to add the detail.

     Once you have the shape that you want, you can start to add the letters and detail that you want like the ones above. You could just put the letters on at this point if you want to! Not me I have to go all out on every thing!!!!!

   The bits shown above you can get most of them at sears. the are used for the hand held roto tool, like the dremel, Also get the router plate for it as in the picture below.


If you want to do a some what 3D look, you can get a piece of Plexiglas for a brace, this will help the dremel tool from tilting.  To start out plan ahead what you are going to do. If you are going to make ones like we have you will need to start with the deepest cut first and work your way to the to level. for more detail you can use a soldering iron for this. after you are happy with your tomb stone you can add the monster mud, paint and then dry brush it the way you want it


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