Welcome to the haunted hall's
    Here are some pictures that we took over the two months we worked on the haunt,  I wish I would have got more!
     There are alot of pictures on this page. it will take a while to load thanks....................

   Some pictures of our FCG  worked good!!

       The tree &  stump were made out of chicken wire  news paper and watered down joint compound, then added real tree limbs.


     The house was made out of cardboard & 2x4s. I air brushed it and added burlap for moss.   we had smoke and a dark green light on this part to make it look like a swamp. we also had a strob in side the house for a neat   f/x.

   This is a coffin I made that had  a body in it . the chest would open up as you can see in the next picture.

       this next prop I made a hanging monster. It ran along a cable, so it looked like it was flying along. we also had a mic and amp so that some one could make monster sounds as it worked, and worked it did we got alot of people with this one.

    the monster was made out of chicken wire and spray foam in a can. it took about 5 cans to do this one. I painted it with black paint and added burlap around the head.

                               "Some of the great kids"



   So untill next time have a happy halloween.....