Welcome to the monster page!
    This is a simple monster to build, I did it in one day, and used it in my haunt last year.

        To start with I made a simple frame for the body, no legs because he did not need any. then I got a skull and some burlap and some neon lights from radio shack for about a buck.
   I then hot glued the neon lights into the skull.and ran the wires down the back.


    I then use a little chicken wire and made arms and around the chest to give it some bulk. .
   then I apply the monster mud to the whole thing..


    After applying all the mud I look at it and add anything else at this point. let it dry.

  Once it is dry I spray the whole thing black or dark gray or any color you want.. but before you spray cover the eyes.

   this is another look at how you can make the head look before putting in the frame. you don't have to do this, but I had some foam left over from another prop so I used it..... After it dry you can high light it with a lighter color if you want.

                                and now your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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