Foam Hands
    Ever made a prop and the hands were a pain in the but to make? or ever have to come up with a monster hand that only had four fingers, and was really big ? Well in this how to I will try and show you how to build a few kinds of hands.

     First  off you need to find some stuff to build the hand out of.  There are many things that you can use, Like   PVC, Coat hangers, Thick wires, and so on!  Then you will need to think about what to cover it with. Things like monster mud, latex.

        I will start out with the simple one first,  new pictures coming soon Get a few coat hangers and cut the hooks off, then bend the flat.   Then take a foot long piece of pvc and hot glue the wire fingers in to one end of the pipe, and add  DUCK TAPE to the fingers and back of hands.  This will help the foam stay on, If you do not use the tape the foam will just fall off and you will have a big mess!!!!!!!


        It don't look like much now but it will when you are done.  At this point add the foam to the hand, Take your time the foam will shoot out of the can really fast if you are not careful.   Do a little at a time let it set up a little you don't want to put to much at one time.

     Once the foam is dry you have to start to shape the fingers and hand. I use a hack saw blade and a dremel tool for the fine detail, and don't for get a fine grit sand paper.Take your time it will take you a few times to get it right. One good thing about this is that it looks good for dead hands for monsters.

   Once you are happy with the shape you can give it a coat of monster mud or latex.
 If you use mm in time the mm will crack when the foam expands, but that's ok because this will add to the F/x  of the piece.


    Once you are done and the piece is dry, you can start to paint it the color of your choice.  You can air brush it , & use a dry brush.

  If you really want to go all out you can carve a hand out of  2" pink foam like I did here. It is alot harder to do this this way but it will make your prop stand out.

        You can also make wire hands covered with  masking tape ans give it a good coat of latex this works well!   I will have more pictures as I go along.

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