Building  a light  flicker box  for your haunted  house  or  yard  haunt

                    Here I will show you how to build a light  flicker box.  I used  this one in my haunted house last year, I used it every night  for 5 hours every night  for two weeks with no problems, worked  great.....  I used  7.5 watt's light bulbs  that I got from lowes.  This allowed me to use one controller for over 10  bulbs.

           I  put  the bulbs in a plastic socket  that cost a buck  a piece .  I also put  four bulbs in an old chandelier that  I  found  at  work, with  the fog in the lobby it worked  great  had  allot  of people ask ed  me how it was done.

       Note:  florescent  lights will not  work  with this. only incandescent will work.
             Well  first  off  you will need to build a box  for the light.  I  used a 1x4 and screwed it  together. for the to and  bottom  I used  Plexiglas  that I got from work .  You can use 1/4 inch plywood, or any thing that is about the same size. I then sprayed the hole inside of the box  black.

      You  should not go over 100 watts. I try to keep it under  60 watts per  light box. that's allot of lights when the bulbs are 7.5 watts.   I have found that  the lower the watts the better it will look.  7.5 watts doesn't sound like allot, but in the dark is enough. So what you would  do is times 7.5 or what ever the watts you are going to use like ( 20 watt times 5 would be 100 watts, and so on!

       This is a picture of the photocell that makes the whole thing work . They are cheep too!! about  $3.00 for a pack  of 5.

            Now run down to the hardware store and get some stuff. Get  one dimmer switch get  a (GE) dimmer switch the one that will have two screws on the face plate because you will have to take it apart.

      You will also need a 120 volt plug  some wire  a socket for the flicker light   the size will depend on the size of the bulb base. I have used both, we used the small one in this one.
      Once you get home take the switch apart  and get  the solder gun out.  Take a hot glue gun and go get the photo cell out and solder two wires to the ends. Then take a bic pen and cut  a small piece off, this is for the light , because if you don't do this the photo cell will not work  right, well it will work but not as go. This will concentrate the light to the photo cell ! because you only want the flicker light to make this work.

       Now that the gun is hot  go back to the dimmer switch and take the screws out . the two wires that you  soldered on the photo switch, you will have to feed them through the hole where the two wires are already coming out , once you do this you will now need to solder the two ends to the two leads on the switch.

             Once you have this done, screw the cover back  on. Before you paint the box & lid drill some holes for the switch and ac plug. once you have the inside of the box painted and the switch and plug in you can now start  to wire every thing together.

    I know it looks like a mess at this point but it works! In the picture above I add a little light to let me know that the power is on in the box.

    I have a movie with the light working I just need to get it on my page. I will soon!
have fun!!!

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