Foam sculpting


     ok here you go, this is just one of a few foam heads Im going to make. I want to make a few more with the whole body too! it should be fun. this one was my first and wont be the last , I liked doing it! also I want to thank Pete Mander for showing me a few things too!


    this head did not cost me a thing I got all of the foam from work and people gave me stuff, just to get it out of there house,,   cool!


   the tools I used where nothing you can not go to wal-mart and get the cutting knife that they use to cut meat was at wal-mart for $7.00 they are great for cutting foam and you have better get them trust me you will need them to block out shape's.


   I didnt get all of the pictures that I wanted on this one at the start of it all but I did get some!


   first of all get all of  your foam and thing about what you might want to make! there are a lot of ways to make this type of thing but this is just one ,a simple way to get you started.


  draw a  head on to the foam this will be a starting point for you. it will look like some what like an egg!   then you want to block it all out. if your foam is not thick enough you can use hot glue to put them together. get lots of glue sticks youll need them



  this is two foam parts glued together. the horns I put on there I didnt like so I cut them off. As you can see it will make a big mess doing this but its a whole lot of fun!!

      I only use two types of scissors for this one                    


                                Both from wal-mart get the one with the sharpener with it you'll need it.


                                                      The horns!!



                             cutting and cutting and glueing and glueing


                                                      Almost there!!!!!!!!!!!




                  When you first start out, get some foam and just start cutting it up to get the feel of it. Do some round shapes, like I did with the horns. this will give you the feel of how this works. Now that I have all of the foam worked out the way I want it now it was time to paint click on the picture!