The paint up


    First off get your self some acrylic craft paint (that is all I used on this) and what ever kind of airbrush you have! I would not try to paint this with out one! it will take allot of paint to do that.  Pick what ever colors you want to use and start airbrushing away. what I did was I had a lot of black to spray so I did that first with a bigger sprayer that I had, it saved alot of time doing this!!



                           After I let it dry I then moved on to the other colors


                                                   Bright Green


                                                   Bright Red




                            Then Black spots then add white on top of them

                               then shade a bit around the whole head




                 paint the teeth white, then paint the horns purple and shade them with black

                                                      high light with white


 You can now go in and detail every thing else like the dots and lines on the hair and so forth.

                                                   now that it is dry




                           Go out side at night and SCARE some people!!!!!!!!!

                                                Thanks for looking