Air Brushing Makeup

      To start with you will need to Get an air brush, then get some liquid makeup.
 What Kind you say, well I use "kryolan aqua color liquid" & mehron liquid makeup. Most liquid makeup will work, some you will have to thin down.
     To start the face make sure the face is clean and has no other makeup on it. Pick the colors that you will use, say white and black & red. When you have a lot of kids to paint this will make it go fast, and you can do some really neat stuff to. you can also use dayglo makeup for a black lite f/x

                                           1. start with a base coat

   2. start mixing black with the base coat, this will give you the shades that you want. start out light and work your way darker....

      3. at this point we went back and used a paint brush and added the red paint around the eyes and mouth.

         5. you can add a wig and you are done. This is a simple make up job but you can do all kinds of stuff.
      This is adam halloween night

    I want to thank heather  for helping me with the makeup and letting me do her first, because this was the first time that I used air brush makeup!!!  not to bad "A".

  Some more pictures will be in the haunted hall's

      Some links to other makeup sites.....Remember have Fun.......

                                              More Links to come