Halloween nightmare!!!

    This is a prop that I made for last years haunted house. He came out better then I thought he would. I made him in one weekend, it was simple to build.

    First off I made a frame out of 2x4s and i/2 inch foam, and a little chicken wire for the arms.

   I had an old jump suit laying around so I put it to good uses, also had an old pair of work boots to uses too!.

   I cut the foam into wide strips and stapled it on to the leg and shoulder area to give it some bulk. I then put the jump suit on and made some adjustments. now its was tim to make it stand up by itself.

    I used plaster for this one, but you can use Quick mix if you want to. Before I put the boot on I drilled some screws in to the 2x4s to give the plaster some thing to hold onto. I then put the boots on, once this is done put some long screws though the bottom of the boot into the 2x4 this will help hold the boot on.
   Now mix up the plaster and pour it in to the boot,makeing sure to fill the hole boot. You might have better luck if you make the mix a little runny, but not to runny. As the plaster starts to dry you can make a few adjustments to it so it will stand on its own ! let dry over night!!!!

    Once it is dry go back and work on filling in the suit. cut some chicken wire and make arms and staple them to the 2x4 shoulders.  Feed the arms of the suit through. at this point you can take an old pair of work gloves and fill with spray foam,let dry. cut some strips of burlap and hot glue them to the gloves.

    The mask I got from K-mart last year, guess what I was last year ?.  You can fill the mask with foam and news paper. as it is drying put it on the body, let dry. Once dry zip up the suit and cover the hole thing with Monster mud to make it stiff. Don't for get the mask too, If your not going to repaint it don't cover over it, I did because I didn't like the colors.

     At this point I painted him a dark gray and dry brushed a light gray over the suit, I also dry brushed a lime green in some spots too. the mask I air brushed a off white on the front and a dark brown on the head, dry brushed lighter shades of brown and a shade or two of red.
       I put some hot glue drips for blood and painted . I air brushed a med gray on the front of the mask to give it some depth.
  now your all done !!!!  Have fun !!!

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