Monster Mud


                                                                   Now here it is MONSTER MUD!!!! Its really easy to make


    Things you'll need to get

1) Joint compound Or some times called drywall compound.

2) What ever color latex paint you want to use, Use the cheep stuff if you can

3) Drill with mixer

4) any size brush of sponge (to apply and to texture)

5) Play sand (also for textures or small rock's)




    Open up the bucket and lets start! It is better to take some out and mix 1/2 of it first, because there is to much in the first one to mix it all up!  

    Now that you have half of it in another bucket add about 1/2 a gal of paint to the mix and start to mix it all up. If you use darker colors like BLACK & BROWN they will dry a few shades lighter then the base color!! Once you have it all mixed up now is the time to add the sand or little rocks for texture.






      What you have now is like a paste that you can now brush on your you can use your hands, it is safe!

  You can cover just about anything, it works great on burlap and fake hair as you can see in the pictures below.





          This whole prop was covered with it and it has held up for over 8 years! and as you can see it still looks great!!

     If your going to use it out side it holds up well. If you want to seal it get a weather sealer and give it a few coats.

     After it dries you can paint it with spray paint airbrush it or just use a paint brush!!!  have fun and play around with it to see what you can do with it!!


          if you need any other info feel free to write me at