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As you can see air brushing -dry brushing-free hand-a wash can really bring something to life. I will tell you some of the tips that I learned  over the years.

          (air brushing)
I've been using the air brush for a few years now and if I've learned anything, I learned that  it takes time to learn and a lot of paint ! I've got other air brushes but I mostly use the Iwata because it 's easy to clean and change color's and for what I use it for it's fine.

        (mixing the paint)
Start with a water base paint like (basic or testers paints) Water base paints work well and are easy to cleanup. When mixing, add water to the paint. It should look like milk. Make enough base so that you can put some aside for later.
    What you will do is add some base in a mixing cup and add your light and dark shades. Say your base is black, you would spray your base on your prop let it dry, then mix a little base and a little white just enough to change the shade of the color.

Here is what it should look like; (base) (base & color)(base &lightercolor) if you do this you will end up with white.

          (dry brushing)
  This one is easy to do, just take a stiff brush and dip the tip  into the paint. Wipe most of the paint off , and brush with light strokes. Work from dark to light. 

      Mix  some paint  in a glass jar and add water to make it  thin and runny. You should be able to brush it over letters on a news paper and still see the words. Work from light to dark .




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