Mold making



          On this page I will try and show you how to make a few types of molds, so you to can make cool Mask's, Hand's and so forth for your props.



  Ok now lets get started first off you'll need a few things, and on of them is Plaster! what kind of plaster you ask well it will depend on that your going to do. if your going to work with latex you want to use a few different kinds of plaster's. there is ultra cal-30 and ultra cal-60 the numbers after is the set time. and there is  "white hydro cal" some people use both and some just one. as for getting it it will depend on where you live, I have to order out for mine because I cant get it here where I live. in some states ace and or lowes will have it on stock. the company that makes it is USG the same company that makes all the dry-wall stuff like the joint compound that you use for monster mud.

    I would not use soft plasters like plaster of Paris, its to soft and will break up faster and will not hold detail very well. you don't want to put all of that work into your sculpture just to have the mold mess up! you wont be happy trust me!

   Not that you have the sculpture and plaster you can start your mold, you will have to put up your dam wall's your dam walls will separate the front from the back. there are a few ways that you can do this and I'll show you both, you will also need to get a can of  Krylon Crystal clear  & a can of  Krylon dulling spray.

                                                        ( NOTE)

        The reason you need them is the Crystal coat will seal the clay and will help when you put the plaster on so it wont mess any detail up, and the dulling spray is so that the plaster don't bead up on the sculpture and run off.... Spray a few light coats of each and let dry before adding dam wall's


                        in the picture I show you what the dam wall looks like.


  To make your clay dam's with is a water base clay like EM-210 its a white clay. try not to use the same color clay that the sculpture is made out of, it will be hard to tell them apart when cleaning the dam wall off after the first half of the mold is made.

   The clay will come in a big block cut it with a thin wire in about 3/4 in to 1 inch, then cut that in half to make  two strips. Once you have done that you can take the strips and place them alone the mold line. you can squeeze the clay abit to help it go into all of the texture's in the sculpture. Once you have that done you have to clean up the edge with a flat thin tool like in the picture below.


  Take your time on this you want it to be clean and sharp, this is the edge of the inside of the mold. The cleaner this edge is the better the pull will be.

  You can mold this two ways you can stand it up or lay it down like I do, its up to you how this is done. Once you have it all done and smooth you have to add what art called mold keys that are shown in the picture below. They are for placement of the mold half's so that they will fit back together every time you put the mold together.


    You can make them out of clay block's of half  round thing's like ping pong ball's. Don't use any thing with sharp edge's


              Next up mixing the plaster