The zommbie

        This is a animation that I did last year for a party! Mine!!!! it look's really cool in the dark.  I put an air piston in the back to make it pop out  at  them as they walked buy. It  worked good all night....
        First off you will have to make the coffin or just a plain o'l box will work too.  here is how I made mine. I jot some 1x12's and cut them the length that I thought would be tall enough for my monster that I was about to build... Because most of the stuff that I build is out of my head or just a sketch on paper that's all I have to work with, at the time I start.



         I don't have allot of pictures of the coffin being built  but I will get some soon! I just got some 1x12 's  and went to work , like I said before if you have to make a box. After getting the shape that I wanted  I glued and nailed my butt off , after that I had to put a back on it  I would have used plywood  but at that time I was fresh out . After putting the back on dot worry about the over hang you can cut it off with a jig saw and or what I use is a flush trim bit for a router. I got mine at sears for about $10.00 well worth the money I use it all the time....

                 After trimming up the back  I add a little molding for looks.

     After the molding is done I added  a  red light and some thin burlap inside. now it was time to build the body!!! I first had to build the air piston to make it work , I some times buy air cylinders from a co called (surplus center 1-800-488-3407) they have a lot of cool stuff like motor's and air cylinders really cheap. I got an air cylinder with a 16" stroke for $30 not bad for simple pop ups... But call , the catalog  is FREE. But for this animation I got a cylinder with a 4" stroke for $6 .... There are a few different type's of air cylinders to look  at  a double action is the one most used in hunted house to day, because you can open and close it all in one!  Like pop up's you could let the weight of the prop bring it back down or use air to do it .
     This is the basic setup that I used below. there are all kinds of ways to do this ,but at hte time this was all I had.

         You can make the body frame out of PVC pipe if you like, this will make it easier to build the body around it ....

        Here I used chicken wire to build the body on my first one , and put the head on.  But before I do I add lights in the head,,,,

and carved out a few hands from foam
Then apply the monster mud,,,,,,
          I did not have the hands done at the time of this picture,But the hands should be in place before the mud is put on!!!!!   Let dry over night , Now its time to paint

      I started with a dark green almost black ,,, then I air brushed lighter shades of green,,, then dry brushed grayblue mix .... For the body I painted the coat dark green with lighter shades of green,,,, the shirt off white and used a brown wash!!!

      The coffin I painted all black  then sprayed a  light coat of bright white.  Then I air brushed  black  and  light gray for detail,  and to top it all off take a sponge and  dab a little yellowgreen for moss ....   The only thing to do no is add  hair and plug it in...


  "" you can run the solenoid switch with a timer or just a plain old light switch......................

                                                Have fun!!!!!