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       If you like monster teeth then you must get this video from Michael S. Pack (BITEME)
Mark butler's Monster page:A must see site for people who love halloween!
Hauntedresources: A lot of spooky stuff & link's
Phantasmechaics: cool site a must see!
Terrorsyndicate: This guy has some really cool halloween prop's
Monstermaker's : Good site for supply's
Distefano: This guy makes corp's
Hauntmasters inc.
The Hallowed Haunting grounds.Cool site!
The Haunted GraveYard.
Earth sands Halloween.


  Mc Donald manor Bob Andrews  The horrordome:
Deathstudio's   Brittgriffith's : Hauntworld: Screamtheme


YA-HORROR!    Halloweenhorror's

Dark Escapes

 Darkside studiosExmortis.com     Kims Krypt         Monster maze         Dungeondemonics

  Air brushing & painting 


 Air brush web ring
 Air brush body&nail ring
 Body air brushing
 body painting links... some sites not for the young ones to see!!!!!!
 More of the same

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